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This past week I was invited to host one of my favorite prompts over in Twitter land. Because of my never ending love of poetry, my addiction really, I participate regularly in poetry prompts on twitter. From the very beginning I discovered with participating in them I was without a doubt finding another outlet to build my characters through the emotions I was exploring through the poems I would create.  And to have to write a poem in 140 characters or less, I was finding  I needed to be resourceful with my word choice. As a result I was leaving out those uncessessary wors like the pesty “just”  or “that”which are like monkeys on a unseasoned writer’s back.

So thanks to the lovely MadStormQueen who started the Madverse prompt, I was able to observe over a twenty-four hour period the creations of many many talented poets armed with the same words I gave them to create a poem. A freaking mazing does not do it justice. I was blown away by all the submissions. Below, following my two submissions,  are just a few of my favorites that really stood out to me that were submitted. Enjoy and thanks for reading!







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