the hunter: a poem


this piece I wrote some time ago for a writing competition for me had a singular meaning but I discovered quickly as other’s read it, it took on a mirage of meanings and that for me, was a beautiful thing…I wonder what you’ll take from it…

the hunter

Her ivory awaking
an unseemly ache
a crazed fire in his belly
as she stood,
his for the taking

his damnation to defile
peering in awe
unable to turn away
nor a desire to withdraw

a beast in the night
in wait he hid
to profile her steps
with calculating motive
behind every movement he did

for soon the moment would come
to stake his claim
how he dreamt of that second
to relieve his pain



2 thoughts on “the hunter: a poem

  1. Feels like an extreme longing but holding back for fear of doing more hurt than good. It’s wonderful whatever it’s actual meaning.

    1. Thank you for reading! Glad you enjoyed it and yes, I can see that. When I wrote this piece it was my contribution to the awareness of endangered species. Specifically poachers illegally killing elephants for ivory. But then… kinda transpired into looking at the act from the poachers eyes. Maybe in a desperate attempt to feed his family he has to resort to such immoral acts. Not that I condone it as I’m a huge activist but….never judge a book by its cover ya know. Either way the end result was more than I’d anticipated, as I’ve gotten many different perceptions of it. Mostly negative unfortunately lol but that’s the beauty of of words after all isn’t it. Not bound to any single entity.

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