Crawford Road bridge-Yorktown, Virginia…Haunted?

So there has been quite a lot of talk about this secluded winding road amidst the many historical battlefields of Yorktown that were center stage for the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. On this road sits a bridge. The bridge itself  is on the path of Historical Tour Road which is a driving tour of the memorialized battlegrounds of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. But this bridge, it has nothing to do with any battles. Nothing but a living urban legend most say, others say they’ve witnessed unexplained events in the dark of the night.

Some say the bridge was used by members of the KKK to hang African-Americans. Others say a woman who found herself in an unfortunate arranged marriage could not bear it and ran from her wedding in her dress and hung herself from the bridge. Others say a “ghost car” haunts the winding road leading up to the bridge. Then yet others talk about once driving under the bridge cars are reported to suffer some sort of mechanical malfunction, shutting off. Others report a disruption in their radio. And as the stories continue, another claims that if your name is spray painted on the bridge then you will die. Then there is yet another story about an abandoned house off the path in the wooded area that people have witnessed “red eyes” staring back at them from within the shadows. That one got my attention…a little. So of course I had to go check it out for myself. Of course!

On a rainy Sunday afternoon I drove down this Crawford Road noting it was in fact quite secluded with only a few houses at the beginning of the turn off. A long winding road with copious amounts of trees allowing for the nature girl in me to pull off and take pictures. I love curvy roads in the middle of nowhere leading up to a scary bridge what can I say.

Continuing my journey about two miles up the road I spot the infamous bridge. Now I had been told from other locals to beware of the still present KKK members in the area as well that the police repeatedly patrol the area because well I forgot to mention this part. Because of its seclusion and the sense of fear that the area has brought over the years it seems to be a hot spot for real life murders. Many have occurred along this road over the years and that’s a documented fact. So I knew I had to work fast and taking it all in, getting pics and getting a feel for it all.

Stopping my car about one hundred feet from the bridge I get out and decide to walk the rest of the way. The closer I got the more I saw just how much graffiti it had. That’s a lot of dead people I chuckled to myself.





So the brave newbie of a ghost hunter I’ve become I plowed right through to walk under it which is when it’s said crazy stuff happens. I heard some birds chirping. That was cool. Read some of the graffiti that covers the street as well. Now I’m not discounting other reports of experiences along this road and surrounding this bridge but for me, I got nothing. So after taking a few more pictures I walked back to my car and sought out the directions to get atop the bridge. Maybe something cool will happen up there?



It did take me a few frustrating turns to finally find the right way towards the bridge which is how I discovered it’s along the Historical Tour Road route which Waze aka my normally kick ass GPS totally didn’t come through for me with.

So once again, I pull up towards the bridge and stop about one hundred feet. Getting out I take more pics, still loving all the scenic beauty. Never mind that this could be the home of brutal killings and despair. If it’s pretty, it’s pretty.




Well…again I was disappointed. But I got some really cool shots of the bridge.



and then there is this that I loved. The behind you just captivated me. I played around with the exposure with this one and like the way it came out.

And then there was this little guy which to be perfectly honest was the most exciting thing for me to see while I was here.


In all, my trip having proven not much of anything I can see myself venturing back in the midnight hour to see what there is to see. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t….And this bridge and all the legends surrounding it, the events of in history that unfolded before it, and the real life crimes that it witnessed, it absolutely has inspired a story…or two.




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