the resonance that vibrates 

beyond fields unplowed 

she aches for it 

forever needing more 

the shades of him 

those that echo brazenly 

through the enchantment 

of his roar 

sometimes with zealous thunder 

standing proud

others aloof 

a whisper in the crowd 

sometimes timid 

a cry in the night 

then others contemplating 

a reason not to fight 

the one that grows loudest 

the one that keeps her near 

is the growl that begins slowly 

finding its home within her ear 

resonating it’s desire, it’s intent 

it’s every need 

she answers with stillness 

forever giving him the lead 

that ghostly roar 

the reminder he is there 

through the night, through the day 

those many shades of him 

she need not beckon to stay 

for he is home

they both know it to be true 

the truth there behind his eyes 

matching her own hunger 

within each and every hue 

her lover, her guide 

the lion of her blush 

drinking every bit of him 

with no intentions to rush 

giving her soul 

for he keeps it within 

between those roars 

where her heart became whole 

once again 

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