beneath this tree I look to thee 

high above you’ve perched your soul 

its nearness I no longer feel it’s flow 

for i sense you have seen 

that my heart has found a kindred beat

beyond the one you left bleeding 

my hand he took with gentle persuasion 

knowing somehow before me I’d take it 

perhaps you went to him in a dream 

and whispered your worry of me 

guiding him to this place where we seem now to be 

my heart again is full my love 

he is the umbrella you left behind 

I feel you thought, you knew I’d find 

he spreads his love like marmalade 

you’d laugh no doubt at his quirky ways 

his voice and choice of words 

he’s so different yet so very much the same 

he fills this void I came again to have 

when you rode the wave 

that healed your pain 

yet gave me mine 

between fingertips he ignites this woman 

that I’ve become 

in part from you 

in part what was always there 

that I had not the courage to see 

like looking in the mirror 

seeing now not one, not two but now three of me 

he chooses every one to love as I of he 

for he’s not perfect just as we 

he knows these channels 

where weeds seem always to threaten

the manicured path we strive to walk 

I see in him this will to procure 

every bit of heaven that chance deems us have 

and have we shall one fine day 

as you sit upon that tree 

smiling down on me 

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