Month: January 2020


I never knew what it was to be without fear
until there was him

how he led me to the shadows of my salvation
and i, easy prey
desperate for freedom
freedom to let these dark wings biting at my skin soar
and he, he sensed it, smelled it
and embraced every ounce
coaxing it

willing it

molding it

into this dark angel I became
life-long barriers quickly diminished

in this realm we created
debauchery was not a word
it was a way of life
and in it,

I thrived
I became an entity of me
in the trenches of my mind
the dirty, dark confines of one’s soul
where the sane distract themselves
from fear of getting ripped to shreds
that is where I lived.
i bathed in it
and he,
he was my water.

how i let him ravish my veins
turning me into his masterpiece
standing on the edge of his every word
waiting, wanting, needing
and when he came I drank him as he would taste the spoils of his creation
my sweet poison he was that I forcefully injected without haste
my daily dose of life that without, my breath would surely fail

and so we danced our dance a thousand nights from moonlight to a tipping dawn
how I knew even then with each new day brought with it this emptiness, this brokenness
this void that drowns me now
for he is gone
this false God I bowed to
this magician of sorcery
this beast that fed me in slow seductive doses
and now I am here in once our darkness
unable to stray
broken, addicted and derailed
waiting for my wings to come back to me




that claiming cycle

of all that’s known

that quick fix

no thoughts of a future

no hand your way

stuck in a rhythm

of the now

daring you to think

outside a box

be this you

beyond the gen pop

*this piece was inspired by way of my work in the judicial system seeing the roadblocks that many of our youth are faced with due to culture and society.


climb with me

one step at a time

upon mossy walls that shan’t collide

with dreams this way find

this image was taken at the site of what remains of the Rosewell Plantation circa 1725. Capturing mother nature swallowing back what belongs to her has always been alluring to my lens. Finding the beauty and being tickled by the wind carrying remnants of life left behind inspires poetry.

sweet surrender

flowers and butterflies

…and other things that sate my soul

this image was taken in the summer of 2018 along the gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello. Within the gardens many different varieties of flowers native from different parts of the country thrive. Many, like this flower, the cockscomb, captivated my senses with its unique shape and equally unique name.


the words take breath along her secret scroll

as moon gods sip soothingly upon a gorged soul


fermenting the chaos from a thousand eyes of day

til darkness hushes all, hearkening but one pair to stay


waning the tides of dark and of bright

battling there in eyes swelled in the stillness of night


trimming quite reluctantly unkept thoughts to the quick

burning burning burning down to midnight’s wick


all as moon gods unfold a heart’s silken stole

for words to take breath along her secret scroll