Paranormal Experiences? Seeking Your Stories

Hi friends. Do you have any accounts of paranormal activity or experiences that science just hasn’t been able to explain? Want your story published? Read on.

I have always been interested in the study of paranormal activity for as far back as I can remember. As a child I can remember sneaking down late at night whilst my uncles were watching The Fog when I was about seven and being scared to death. But it was that adrenaline that came with that fear that kept me watching those true old school horror flicks. None of that gruesome stuff for me. I wanted to cover my eyes and squeal in fear, waiting for that ghost to reveal himself.

While I cannot recall any childhood experiences, I have had several accounts in my adult life, all starting after I began organized paranormal investigation. My dear friend Jason invited me to “ride along” in an investigation one night with the team that he belonged to at the time. The plan was to simply snap some photographs and do a nice write up as a way to help advertise for the team. It was at Ferry Plantation House, one of the most haunted places in Virginia that has been featured on many YouTube channels, podcasts and investigated by both national and international teams and featured on a UK show.

That night opened up a whole new world for me where I was able to incorporate my love of photography and my intrigue for the paranormal. Over time Jason and I ventured out with our own creative ideas and formed our own team, Portsmouth Paranormal Society (find the YouTube channel here). While I’m not actively investigating with him and the team these days, I still occasionally ride along to capture the solemn beauty in the places they investigate. Him and I share multiple experiences from our early investigations and he continues to experience unexplained occurrences today.

The subject of paranormal investigation has and will always be open for debate. Naysayers will scream science science science, but some things simply cannot be explained. Isn’t it telling that in simply doing a search online it will get you countless stories from people all over the world. Different cultures, different social statures, religions, races and ages. The patterns and similarities are always there. People are experiencing and seeing the same things.

This is where you my dear friends come in. I’d love to hear your stories and in submitting them they’ll be considered for inclusion into the compilation of ghost stories I’m intending to publish. Interested? Read on.

I’d like pieces to be formatted in journal style with an opening of approximate date/time and place of occurrence. You may “sign” your piece with whatever you want to reveal about yourself. Your name, your location, one or both. You may also be anonymous if you’d like.

I’m opening this up now for submissions and ask that you keep your accounts relatively short as I’d like to include as many stories from around the world as possible. If you have multiple experiences, please feel free to send more than one to be considered, just please submit them in separate links so I can easily separate. All submissions should be sent to:

You will be notified via email if your piece is chosen to be included. I look forward to reading your experiences!

image captured with full spectrum camera as part of investigation at Tuckahoe Plantation

*featured image captured at St Albans Sanitorium as part of investigation

4 thoughts on “Paranormal Experiences? Seeking Your Stories

    1. You are EXACTLY who I’m looking for. People not just in the United States but in other countries all over the world as a means to lend proof that people are experiencing paranormal activity or in the least unexplained occurrences and that it’s happening everywhere, in all walks of life.

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