photography-chipping sparrow and cherry blossoms

those brief moments

when the breaths of life converse

upon a branch and wing

its not often i fan girl over my own images but this one, sigh….i absolutely adore. the poetry in this image alone humbles me. i followed this little guy around from cherry tree to cherry tree as he was singing to his friends. thank you for viewing and for more of my bird photography you can visit my instagram here

-just breathe-


conversing with the quill

stroking these bronzed verses in me



this historic inkwell of dreams

claiming the parchment

captured this on a walk through historic Williamsburg, Virginia…quills are always captivating to me and this bronzed one, honoring a founding father, proved no different. for more of my photography you can visit my instagram here

-just breathe-














captured these images by way of one of my signature moves…driving down a random wooded area and spotting a meadow dancing of wildflowers, followed by coming to a complete stop and finding the nearest exit in the safest fashion (…) yellow happens to be my favorite and shall make my heart soar even more when i unexpectedly come across such a view. for more of my flora images you can visit my instagram here


-just breathe-


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photography-tulip me thankful

impromptu drive this afternoon after being able to close the office early and traveled to a place that I knew would be abandoned so I could get could a little nature therapy by way of these beauties. I captured these in the outskirts of Colonial Williamsburg, our nation’s birthplace. Thank you for viewing and if you’d like to see more of my photography please visit my Instagram feed here

delicate doses

It’s been five years since I’ve released a book as life has taken a big chunk of my imagination and drive and quite simply the time to be able to give this side of me a voice. I’m excited to be able to share these verses that are quite best described as delicate doses. Less to me shall always be more and within these pages, I hope you find lasting memories through a journey of love, hope and change. Today I’m merely showing off its cover as my artist, Danielle Fine at definition, has done it again by bringing my vision alive. You can check out her services and studio here


lay with me once more

close your eyes

let me be the angel that silences your demons

the scent that breaks your core

the kiss that stings of memories

to what we were before

Secret Garden-Killigrew

captured this image at Miyazaki Japanese Garden just as spring was unfurling during these days where fear and anxiety are soaring high among us. may we all find serenity in those things that live among us which silently lend a reminder of resilience and growth. thank you for visiting and if you’d like to see more of my photography you can do so here.

-just breathe-

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with perched lips

and a wish from below

she closed her eyes

she let her dreams flow

through flora they wandered

barefoot travelers,



chasing the wind

upon rocky crags they stood

as horizons refused to bend


My Sunset-Feint



i captured this image in my backyard where i’m quite guilty of letting the grass overgrow a little longer than my neighbors this time of year as i haven’t the heart to watch these beauties go. Thank you for visiting and to view more of my photography you can visit  my Instagram page here



-just breathe-

photography-dainty doses of spring

from the folds of the forest you awake

the twigs, the bees

they take a bow

awaiting the summer serenade

I love this time of year between seasons when the most delicate and dainty of wild blooms come alive painting my walks in magical hues. Captured these beauties today on a trail. Thanks for stopping by and if you’d like to see more of my flora photography you can find them here on my Instagram page.

-just breathe-

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