abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography

abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography

Often my photography for “dead” things is misinterpreted as morbid. When I get such a reaction I think to myself how can they not see how beautiful this is?! For me, an abandoned home in its silence is offering you a glimpse of two things. The beauty that can and still resides in “things” left behind and forgotten. Mother Nature embraces it, unconditionally so, giving it life again in a new way.

And secondly, the writer in me finds my imagination soaring as I stand there with my camera capturing different angles. I can hear, I can vision, what once was. The hustle and bustle of people and cars in an old store. The sounds of children laugh running in the woods on a summer day. Their mother calling them in for supper. So much comes alive for me as a stand there peeking from my lens.

I have always found beauty and life still very much alive with its own unique heartbeat in those things not manicured to social acceptance, those things in the shadows that don’t always need the sun to be happy.

I had a great day capturing the following images and for those of you taking the time to view them, I hope you can find as much beauty in them as I do.

For more of my abandoned places photography you can visit my gallery here. Thank you for viewing!

-just breathe-

maiden of the shades

maiden of the shades

canopies of moss

coat the heirlooms of blooms

as knowing petals, much wiser than she

wander upon the forest of green

unhurried steps kiss the soil

as earthen creatures awaken

to follow her through the seeds of time

she sips the wind, a wise friend to the shade

for the lust of the sun is but a myth here

a singsong to her soul, she bows to the call

as narcissus blades and violas dance upon the rivers edge

burying her head into springtime’s perfume

the minnows peek and birds rest their wings

to catch a glimpse of she,

their persephone

Emancipator/Natural Cause


-just breathe-


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these pieces, these satin breaths the wind strokes,

the night breeze curls into their chaos as uncertainty slows

words gather as hymns, songs tucked within origami folds

lingering choices, silken voices coming undone, a fluttering undress as courage grows

holding breath as the silence releases its lightening from the cage

time caressing space as the night flows

reigns of weightlessness unfold as wings of a heron guide

to what she all along knew to do, what she now knows


The spring is always a time for rebirth, reflection and change. All about us life is peeking out, ready to spread its wings. The iris, particularly the purple iris, has always been a favorite and one that I have in my own garden. It symbolizes faith and wisdom and in mythology is placed upon graves of women to summon the goddess to lead the spirit to its new journey that awaits. For more of my photography, please visit my gallery here.