a patchwork of a day

sewn from behind the glass

sometimes in solitude, sometimes flowing with life

sometimes in black and white, sometimes with hues amass

sorting through, zooming in zooming out

gaining perspectives of what is worthy and what need not be saved

from wrong angles pursued, or the distance gaining clout

to getting lost out of focus, an abstract of view

or too sharp of lines, unable to see beyond their course

she listens to each one with great care letting the vision, the art come through

flipping sometimes slowly sometimes anxious to see

the day in its glory, painted moments to have

deleting those unwanted, those that offer no pleasantry

I wrote this for this first day of #Napowrimo . I may participate every day or maybe not since I’m still having to work daily but I love the way it pushes the imagination and gives us something to look forward to and create every day.

Today’s assignment was to write a self-portrait poem on which you make a specific action a metaphor in your life. I chose the act of seeing the world through my camera, capturing images, relating it to the perspectives and choices we make in life.

4 thoughts on “photograph-NaPoWriMo

  1. Jenny, this is a very lovely poem! I’m impressed the way you explore the metaphor of a self-portrait captured on camera, how you reflect on life and examine its subtle nuances within the context/framework of the photography theme, appreciating the good and moving on from the bad. It paints a perfect picture in my mind to say the least! I also notice that you have written other impressive motivational poems in the month of April, including two favourites of mine ‘blank slate’ and ‘in bloom’.

    I have an inspirational poetry journal called “Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal” that has just published its third issue and we are running a special NaPoWriMo Anthology issue for inspirational poems written in NaPoWriMo 2020. If you are interested in submitting any of the wonderful poems of yours that I just mentioned above (including ‘photograph’) into our NaPoWriMo Anthology for publication then you can find more details below. We are also open to regular submissions all year round as well for inspirational poetry submissions.

    Hope you take the time to check us out, I’m sure our readers would love to get a chance to enjoy reading your poetry 🙂

    David Ellis

    1. Wow. I am beaming at such an in depth review of this piece which I too adore as it was a personal reflection of my passion with photography. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and visit my site. I am grateful and would absolutely be interested in submitting. Love the name!

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