and she opened her arms

upon a cosmic wave she released the beats of an undying heart

the ancients answered, flooding the seas with souls

life eternal from the chalice we sipped

soaking upon her soil, where blooms fused with newborn breaths

to the call of the wild we danced, we wed

as the cedars praised and anointed us with eyes to see, to be

                      to rise, to fall

to sing, to cry

                                         to laugh, to love

to whisper, to scream

                                             to learn, to teach

to share, to know

as she all the while sat in wait for us to return to her gates

feeding unto her the gifts we learned to share unto thee, an allegiance of her love an undying rite

knowing passage comes not to all that shan’t sit beneath the shade hearing the trees

yet still giving, in hopes one day we’d all see

before the bell tolled.


Image by Brian Kirhagis

This was solely inspired by the instrumental, Helvetesfonster, by Ghost. It’s a bit of a long digestion but if you can listen with the thoughts of life from the quiet stillness of creation to the awakening to the dance to the slowed, reserved pace and then finally to returning to the soil.

All of this flows as if dancers upon a stage, in a forest, lined with great sequoia’s and ancient oaks while mother nature’s children sit as quiet observers, when I listen to this exquisite instrumelntal.

I originally wrote this for Earth Day but with the world in such a waterfall of pain and fear right now I thought it a humble sentiment, a reminder that mother Earth shall always embrace us when we need her. We but need to have faith, trust and love and return to her all that she gives unto us unconditionally so.


-just breathe-

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