these pieces, these satin breaths the wind strokes,

the night breeze curls into their chaos as uncertainty slows

words gather as hymns, songs tucked within origami folds

lingering choices, silken voices coming undone, a fluttering undress as courage grows

holding breath as the silence releases its lightening from the cage

time caressing space as the night flows

reigns of weightlessness unfold as wings of a heron guide

to what she all along knew to do, what she now knows


The spring is always a time for rebirth, reflection and change. All about us life is peeking out, ready to spread its wings. The iris, particularly the purple iris, has always been a favorite and one that I have in my own garden. It symbolizes faith and wisdom and in mythology is placed upon graves of women to summon the goddess to lead the spirit to its new journey that awaits. For more of my photography, please visit my gallery here.

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