curves: haiku


she’s not about themes

she lives outside of the curves

where the colors bleed


-just breathe-

6 thoughts on “curves: haiku

  1. LOVE this so much and the image is perfect! “Living outside where the colours bleed”, if only my husband was cool with me getting tattoos, I’d have this in Latin Transcript along my forearm. xx

    1. Ok lol we shall have a talk with him together and offer such words as “but it’s a form of art”…this coming from a fiend of tattoos. You can’t get just one 🤗. I’m so glad you adore it and that it found a home within that equally beautiful piece you wrote ❤️

      1. Rainbow is now over my head casting it’s beautiful array of colours, of themes, of subjects, people etc. and it’s my new positivity symbol. TYSM ❤🌈❤

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