wildly so-photography

my heart it bleeds, wildly so


I captured these images during this season i like to call the awakening, I take every opportunity to find new trails and beloved known ones to find my own sense of renewal. Nature shall always mimic life as with every new journey, a new bloom unfurls.

Thank you for viewing and if you’d like to view more of my flora images, you can visit my gallery here



-just breathe-

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12 thoughts on “wildly so-photography”

      1. I have the same problem! My social media time is so limited as is and I feel as if I miss so much! Currently trying to balance because the inspiration here is astounding!

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    1. Thank you, Ken. That red berry (false strawberry is her name) is a favorite too as often they hide beneath the brush. Silent little bursts of color just waiting to be found. Thanks for visiting and pleased your enjoyed πŸ™πŸ»

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