Getting Over You- Being A Teen, Interracial and Gay

I am so pleased and honored to share the debut collection of poems by someone I have watched grow in to the young adult he is today. Coming into my family’s life by way of my daughter, I have known Louis (his pen name) since the age of eight and have watched him grow into the college bound, goal oriented young man he is today.

It is with a great pleasure and honor that I can share his debut book of poetry just as he is headed off to college. Getting Over You, is a collection of poems inspired by the trials and tribulations, first loves, losses and growing up interracial and gay. The courage he has endured and the strength and solace he has found in writing offers us a glimpse through his tender yet resilient eyes of youth which can perhaps lend courage and strength to another teen struggling.

The link to Amazon is below where you can purchase Getting Over You in both Kindle and paperback.

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