the scars we wear, the scars we bear

ever present, no matter how faint they become, remembering the birth, the growth of every one

years of adapting, learning to heal, hiding the souvenirs you bear that keep them real

often, late at night, when the world is still, you let them slip out, perhaps a masochist’s way to heal

the slope though slippery, in freeing their voice, for darkness bids its welcome, giving you a choice

either walk its path and give in, or learn from those moments before a courage could begin

they are, after all, a part of you, so it is with strength to embrace the journey they took you through

Dream a Little Dream of MeElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

I am still on the adventure of listening to beloved love songs from a different perspective. To love one self is the best love affair after all so I found it fitting to pair scars with the lyrical and soulful beauty that is Ella Fitzgerald.


-just breathe-

3 thoughts on “scars

  1. “learn from those moments before a courage could begin”

    Thanks for today’s lesson in the road to healing. From a scar worse than my ones formed of flesh. Love you🌷

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