beyond the shallows

where your waves steep

extracting the flavors of the sea

in the rush of darkness,

i bloom most silently

into this garden of benthos, a blushing bride i become

where you in most ardent steps nakedly roam

clutching the tapestry of emeralds woven about my hair

draping upon the coral of my cheeks lending glitter to the foam


cradling the brine that blankets the secrets that i keep

where empty forests speak the language of me

and you, with lips of atlantis, unearth the diamonds of my deep


Surfing the Ether-Peter Pearson

This piece was inspired by a daily writing prompt I participate in where the word given was benthos. I’d no idea what it meant. Even in asking a friend, she was clueless too. Upon looking it up naturally said friend was jubilant at the fact she could now use newly discovered word in a game of Words With Friends.

I include this editorial here to express my adoration and appreciation for writing prompts. Not only do they expand my vocabulary, they push me out of my comfort zone in my writing. They have become a powerful ally in strengthening my writing and I encourage the participation with one.

As always, thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “benthos

  1. And I agree about writing prompts! Normally, I would cringe at the thought as a creative (don’t tell me what to write about!) but it definitely is a great practice! Where a single word can take you as a creative and a poet is quite unique and remarkable! (It’s the only reason I’m on Twitter… #SenseWrds #DimpleVerse #MadVerse #VssPoem #PoemTrail #BraveWrite)

    1. Precisely what I was JUST about to add after just reading your piece and what you’d said about it supposing to be an reflective essay. We can’t really tame art. Our words, the good ones, those raw, unplanned, unthought ones, those are the most genuine and ultimately our best. It’s why I don’t participate everyday in the prompts. Only if they speak to me ☀️. Oh and btw, check out #hangtenstories (my favorite) as it pushes you to write in ten words 🤪

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