losing a religion

you almost made it be

losing this religion that brides within me

scriptures perching throughout the trees

a braille for these blinded eyes to struggle and see

waiting like tombs simply to be freed

fingers weeping, longing within this recluse of me

paled to the dreams fighting against the every day

baptized in a fire, soaked in the flames

confessing to centuries of monotony

                                                        ….you almost made it be


-just breathe-








3 thoughts on “losing a religion

  1. I started going to church aged 9 and blindly obeyed all I was taught until suddenly, once I’d studied biology, chemistry and science at high school I began to be filled with questions. And now, many years later, I still ask questions however deeply respect. I still pray and admire Jesus for the revolutionary he was. Love this poem Dragonfly, I almost made it be…

    1. Thank you Sharon. My religious background is very much reminiscent of yours. My grandmother was even a Sunday school teacher. I wrote this piece not only speaking on the religions of the would necessarily, but more so the faith that one has in whatever their belief is and how often times it can be swayed or challenged by people, by events, etc. Thank you as always for taking the time to read my words. Love you ❤️

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