morning walks: photography

morning walks that find my pause

where glimmers of you drink in the shade

tucked in shadows i become

with no want to return

for in the iridescence of you i am one

I have long since adored dragonflies. As of late they have made their presence known, and I took pause and listened, enjoying the splendor and freedom of their flight.

Did you know in just about every culture they symbolize change, adaptability and self-realization? Sadly, they live most of their time as a nymph, only flying for a short fraction of their life. It is in this I find the reminder of how truly short life is. How we must embrace every precious moment gifted to us.

Living in the moment is imperative for we know not what tomorrow will bring us. Trusting in oneself, and the choices we make, in granting ourselves to see beyond any self- induced illusions we sabotage our growth with.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the walk. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here

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