the feathers of my soul: photography

swells of birch call to the sea

in a frost of life

flowing through me

from sea to summit

the waves call to me,

a midsummer song of tranquility

coax these swells of wander in me,

teach them to flow unrelentingly

you rewild this tame in me

how it breaks and runs

how it soars and peaks

arching to your sun

I recently acquired a wide angle lens for my Canon and decided I wanted to try my hand at capturing waterfalls along our Blue Ridge Mountains and within the George Washington National Forest. With a great deal of patience and a proper tripod I walked away feeling accomplished this day. I tried my best to capture the serene beauty and tranquility that overcomes one in the presence of a waterfall, the feathers of my soul as I lovingly call them. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here

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