i slip between the grains of you

to countless steps forward, in darkness imposed this landing

i fight with worlds that seem to go and bend

beyond our thoughts left now standing

a distant quake of loves of lives tunnel their webs about us

the battle cries from paths we chose a braiding of winds superfluous

a wildness clings to bruised skies above there meandering words left unattended

to drain the thoughts of happenstance and stake that which is befriended

a common ground of an understanding, of loners to the waking

of eyes to paths deemed monstrous roads

yet wait for us the making

tis not a journey written nor meant to be daintily transcribed

we need not search or wait for it for we shall know for once we have arrived

it is here that i slip between the grains of you

where courage need not be a guide

simply in that knowing

a destiny awaits there within, above and below to the other side

Who We Are-Electus

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