january doses: photography

We are a hybrid destination when it comes to snow. Known for our beaches and our military towns, those crystal crusaders don’t often stop for battle here for us in the mid south, but when they do the show is quite divine. Because we are snow stupid, I was gifted the closure of work and given the opportunity of a “snow day” so out with my camera to my backyard I went for the magic show.

I’d hoped to capture the most perfect snowflake. Alas I discovered all to quickly how difficult it is to photograph white on white, especially with my macro. The sun played hide and seek with me most of the morning, thus making it even trickier but, just like any kid on a snow day, it was fun adventuring and admiring these little diamonds from the sky and all the intricate, delicate beauty they have to give.

Thank you for viewing and please if you love snow as I do and have captured backyard treasures, please share. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here.

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      1. Thank you πŸ₯° Snow brings out my inner child and fond memories of pulling our hens around the field behind us in my sledge. They didn’t attempt to flee so I guess they liked it πŸ˜… I must post about our old cottage. Thanks for the inspiration πŸ₯°

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