she didn’t take dance class

or scream for the latest teen beat

she collected greenpeace posters

made shorts from her ripped blue jeans

her books were her friends

oh the places she would go

to paris in springtime

to morocco in the fall

her birkenstocks thought funny

to girls of her own age

her collection of wolves

kept most of them at bay

she often thought weird

an old soul from the rest

didn’t have pom pom’s

or own a short dress

she’d talk often to the trees

tell them her daily woes

for they seemed to understand

what nobody else cared to know

with youthsome days now passed

her lonely nights haven’t much changed

for those trees are still her friends

her shorts just a little more frayed

image by Melissa Askew
Lord Heron – Ends of The Earth

Featured image by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

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