there is this haunting in me

chasing the grain of rhapsody

in midnight swells of ardor

beseeching to the stars to lay hold of my shadow

longing for a taste of your burn again

there is this haunting in me

waning with the young moon

beneath a wild vermouth,

spilt from uninspired lips

in crescent fall

longing to breathe you in again

there is this haunting in me

floating in the velvet dust of night

my spirit aloft far longer than odysseus

with wings a flutter, unrelenting

wistful for the fertile kiss of earth

longing to be whole in you again

there is this haunting in me

among days of translucent gravity

weighted to this diaphanous storm

thundering in a ghostly compass

yet a voice remains

echoing there

high above the ancients dressed in their robes of green

saturating the roof of a tin heart

just wanting to find my love again


just breathe

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2 thoughts on “haunted

    1. Thank you Sharon, i’m pleased you found it so. The timeless story of Odysseus and Penelope remains a favorite among the love stories within Greek mythology and I tried to capture the tribulations of the two of the them remaining apart for twenty years when I wrote this.

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