some days i am pretty

where my wild things seem to bloom

other days i chance the mirror to find

dead sea eyes staring back at me

some days i am a ghost

letting the world take hold and strangle me

other days i am a wolf, howling loudly

with every bit of surety

some days i am high heels

the ones with the red bottoms and straps

other days i am a thesaurus with my

glasses and writing pad

some days i am nature

a rainforest that lives and breathes

other days i am a concrete jungle

moving too fast to simply be

some days i am lonely

that pillow that waits for me to curl up in bed

other days i am a mountain

surrounded by birdsong and evergreen trees

some days i am passion

as my thighs spread beneath of him

other days i am that shy awkward girl

hiding my curves and every other insecurity

some days i am a photograph

a sepia static of time caught in rewind

other days i am the camera

living every kaleidoscope dream

some days i am a train

coasting in structured destination

other days i am messy hair dancing

with the wind

some days i am a unicorn

chasing rainbows bare-back

other days i am a list tacked on the wall

full of chores to be done

some days i am all of these

all of these sides of me

other days i’m just me, trying

just trying to be.

Art by Carlos Quevedo
I Like That – Janelle Monae

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