we etched sonnets on the trees
and drank midnight in the river
every time we held hands

this forest in me

where we carved our initials and etched

sonnets on the trees

where we drank of midnight from the river

gorged of our dreams

….how quiet you’ve become

i trace our letters, i whisper a melody

to the howling wind

i walk our once before path to find

the blush of my cheeks in the river

staring back at me

i call to gray clouds to purge themselves

of our dreams

i wait in the eternity, the kind that lingers

before the rain

and slip between the seasons, in the

hollow of our tree

from navel to breath, the rush of your green

swells within our frozen embrace

and you my love, drape canopies beneath a lavender sun

and return the forest in me.

Virginia in the Rain – Dave Matthews Band

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