in the perfume of dawn

i sprawl in naked wander

in the wake of he

for his touch sheds my worry

as leaves floating from the fall tree

his kiss returns the waterfall

that bathes the season in me

and i, in budding refrain, need but whisper


please before you leave

won’t you graze my cheek again

for this avalanche he awoke

that roses and roars in my stream,

it nibbles at the thorns

and clings now to his breeze

I captured this image last summer after visiting an area in Southwest Virginia where time seems to stand still and the sounds of nature burst at the seams, demanding your attention. (my kind of place) This small waterfall was a welcoming surprise, tucked into the corner of a trail. Behind me, that unfortunately I cannot find my shot of, I can recall the seemingly and intriguing “march of the mushrooms” in plight to the top of the hill.

There is something about nature that shall always glean my thoughts to that of a woman, in her growth, in her sexuality, in her resilience. My writing craves it. I can only continue to try my best and honor the spirit of that which my senses find and enjoy the journey.

Thank you for reading, and if you’d like to see more of my nature photography, you can find my random images from travels or local trails on my Instagram feed here.

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