hollow: a haiku

hollow paths glitter

beyond a yellow brick road

unadorned jewels wait

I remember this day when I happened upon this view very vividly for two reasons. One, it was the first time my son stood beside me with his own camera after finding his own interest in photography. Two, it was the first time I used my landscape lens and upon returning home to review the images I captured, I got teary-eyed for it seemed for the first time ever I was able to actually capture a moment precisely the way my eye found it.

When I look at this, just as that day, I think of Homer’s Odyssey. I think of the yellow brick road, the journey of life we all take, oblivious to what lies ahead. I think of the temptations, all the glitter of the world that ultimately becomes but a dressing that will tatter and fade but how tempting it is to experience, to taste, to wander into. I think of that trap that many of us experience of trying to keep up with all things and everyone around us and the disappoint that follows when it’s sometimes discovered unachievable.

I am discovering life beyond that yellow brick road. I am finding the gratification and joy within the simple things of life. It’s a path that’s a little slower, goes unnoticed and often will find you alone but what a jewel it is. Often my feet become bruised with its never-ending wander and I truly believe (and aspire) that I will never stop walking along its path.

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