beneath our tree

where my lungs come back to me

for it is there

among borrowed ears

the cadence of you,

of i

falls freely

beneath blooming arms, those towering magic wands

those leaves, an artistic blend of hues

lent by the color of our words

birthed from our woes, our joys

now drip dropping in tiny doses

a repertoire of moments

gifts caressed from our swollen lips

beneath this our found sanctum

a secret place, a perfect hiding spot

where treasured scribing

and whispers in the wind

hold a love affair in soft reverie

infused within the veins of its hollow

beyond distances they traveled

weathered testaments of time

reaching for the sun

how they glow

how it flows



reflecting within

beneath our tree

where my lungs come back to me

Listen to me read Sanctum 

7 thoughts on “sanctum

  1. Sanctum is a truly beautiful verse. Every single word and breath is a treasure, as is the accompanying art. Love the refrain of “my lungs come back to me” and it is the perfect end to a perfect verse, My Lioness. The line…

    “beneath blooming arms, those towering magic wands”

    … creates such a strong image in the mind. Exquisite. Truly.

    1. Thank you for reading and for those kind words Jeff! I consider myself extremely informal so i find using lowercase when upper case is the expected and proper way, becomes an extension of that 🙂

      1. The Beauty Series is this little 3 book thing Anne Rice did a few years back, has nothing to with vampires and everything to do about a sensitive subject.

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