in delicate doses, we find ourselves….


Hello and welcome to my website. I am an American novelist, poet, photographer, wife, mom, nature lover, avid hiker and a dancing in the rain dreamer. While here, you will find a catalog of all my published romance fiction, poetry and a gallery of my selected photography. I hope you enjoy your time here and please subscribe so you can receive alerts of my latest news and publications. Thank you for visiting.

bones of the raven

my latest book of poems now available

some people simply backpack

across your soul

while others pitch a tent

and teach you how to

start a fire…

Coming Soon

Creation and the Cosmos, a poetic anthology published by Raw Earth Ink.

Honored to have several poems as well as my photography alongside thirty four artists from around the world inspired by nature, a subject that inspires not only my writing and photography but my soul.

Coming Soon

Honored to have been asked for the use of my photography on the cover of A Letter to Claudia, the upcoming novella by Canadian, multi-genre author, Barbara Avon. Visit her website here to learn more about her and her published works.

The Auroras & Blossoms NaPoWriMo Anthology

April is National Poetry Writing Month and poets across the world participate with prompts offering inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. I was honored to be asked to participate in this anthology celebrating the month of poetic writing through inspiration and positivity.

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