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2017-04-18 07.47.28.jpg
2016-06-29-19-44-39-088.jpgWell I knew I was on to something early on in those dreaded middle school years with those weekly spelling words we were tasked to use in one page stories. My English teacher became accustomed to getting what equaled nothing short of short stories from me weekly with those huh? words like chimera. I mean really? Of course I went the greek mythology route resulting in one of many imaginative mysteries.

As I hit high school I joined the school newspaper and wrote all kinds of crazy quirky articles. This is where my love of poetry came to life too as I joined the literary magazine and dived into all things Edgar Allan Poe. Dark right? I would have dated him. Heck yeah. That man had soul.

I began reading and reading and reading. I remember stealing my sister’s Harlequin’s. I’d pretend I hated them but secretly loved them. Somewhere around this time my dream to become a published author was born. I wrote my first what would be considered now a young adult romance. It’s hidden somewhere in the attic. Maybe one day I’ll dig it out.

So what can I say about my writing? I have a thing for cars. My Dad loved cars and it seems it carried over to me in my writing. Tattooed men driving fast cars? Yeah that gets my attention. Add an alpha male to that mix and I’m swooning. I am also influenced greatly by music. Just about every genre. Nine Inch Nails is a favorite with the lyrical genius of Trent Reznor. I, like most writers am driven by emotion as well. It can sometimes change daily. I can be inspired by first hand experience in my life, or by a book I’ve read, to current events, or even a television show or movie I’ve seen.

With the publication of my first novel Shifting Gears, my dream has been set to motion and I hope to continue bringing more stories to life. Like I have a choice really. All I need is a disco ball in my head. It’s like a party in there.


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Yes just a writing meme I use occasionally. Thanks for reading and glad you liked it! And yes, I often use images to inspire my words and in using same image I feel it only intensifies the words


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