Hashtag The Horizon

HASHTAG THE HORIZON, a book which subject is a personal one to anyone who has ever held onto hope for themselves, mankind, and good outcomes whether it be at the end of a war or first date. None of them failed in the task when he gave them a hashtag prompt for “the horizon”. Heartfelt, humorous, whimsical, terrifying, mysterious, multi-generational, -sexual identified, -cultural, -spiritual, among many other facets can be identified and proven in their stories and poetry as these fifty incredibly talented people showcase a lovely, loving, masterful use of language in multitudinous genres such as horror, micro fiction, prose, mystery, LGBTQ, humor, and more represented in one little book with a big heart plus a whole lot of soul.

The Auroras & Blossoms NaPoWriMo Anthology

A collection of stunning and moving inspirational poetry written throughout National Poetry Writing Month in April 2020.

Come on a journey with us as we explore the works of many diverse and talented poets who each know how to write uplifting words to stimulate our senses and make us feel better about ourselves.

Creation and the Cosmos

Within “Creation and the Cosmos”, you will discover nature’s revelation transformed into poetry, rhyme, digital photographic art, painting, photography, and more. Throughout these pages, thirty-two artists and writers from all over the world express their emotions and thoughts as seen through the wide-open eyes of nature. From stars and moon, birds in flight, the raging storm, a deer’s quiet passing, the salty depths of the sea, rolling hills and towering mountains: there is art in all creation. Sink your hands into the rich soul-soil of humanity’s finest creators and allow all of nature, both dark and light, to impress its artistry in your heart.