Guest host for poetry prompt

      This past week I was invited to host one of my favorite prompts over in Twitter land. Because of my never ending love of poetry, my addiction really, I participate regularly in poetry prompts on twitter. From the very beginning I discovered with participating in them I was without a doubt findingContinue reading “Guest host for poetry prompt”

Sneeky Peek at Six Seconds

Just so ya’ll know the book AKA Six Seconds, AKA the third installment in the Full Throttle Series really exists…ahem. I’m pimping out the playlist that I’ve blowed the hell up while writing this story of Cash and Dani. I mean hello, Holt’s brother?!? And Dani is a hot mess. I’m still trying to figureContinue reading “Sneeky Peek at Six Seconds”

Date Night with Ghosts

So, I have this friend. Great guy. Even has a cool nickname. Rocki. Totally gonna use that name in a book one day. Except it’ll likely be a kickass female MMA fighter or a drag racer. So Rocki, much like me has always had an interest in the paranormal. Well he took it to theContinue reading “Date Night with Ghosts”


you gave me the key to finding your every destructive ability the waves i found upon that dark path like a crashing flood of your own blood bath with courage and my love for you I pushed through it, knowing I needed to for without embracing that history your  actions would have remained a mysteryContinue reading “~beguile~”

Infected-a short

~infected~   In the silence its breeding ground she knew. How it twisted it’s coils about her. A ticking time bomb she was. The pounding of the clock as the seconds passed. Each one resounding her torture. Just a few more moments and it would be over. Quieting the demons, eyes dead ahead, head high,Continue reading “Infected-a short”


These early morning thoughts before coffee. I never know where my mind is going to take me. This morning with the television on in the background I hear a documentary about wolves. And like often times, something so simple can trigger something so groundbreaking. When I was a teen I can recall it began. MyContinue reading “Hybrid”

Cocky Confessions: Holt Maddox of Shifting Gears by Jenny Hayut

Today Jenny Hayut’s Holt Maddox from Shifting Gears in the hot seat. Tell us about your woman and how you met. Nicolette owned my heart from the moment I saw her  swaying her hips in that chair lis… Source: Cocky Confessions: Holt Maddox of Shifting Gears by Jenny Hayut


how easy it was to fall under his spell with each encounter it only grows where darkness shows me a light forging my voice with every need, spilling my darkest of desires yet like a poison it finds me in silence this seemingly distorted sense of reality I’m left tripping on piercing my veins clinching, desperate toContinue reading “Rush”

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