Shifting Gears the Full Throttle Series Book 1

When safe, sensible, and ever-awkward veterinarian Nicolette (Niki) Stringer first lays eyes on bounty hunter Holt Maddox, all she can think is badass. He leaves her breathless from the start, and she soon becomes addicted to him and the bliss he gives her. Then, just like that, he leaves, taking Niki’s heart and confidence with him. When Holt returns to Coral Springs three years later, it seems he wants to pick up where he left off: with Niki in his bed. But there are unanswered questions, and soon she will discover shocking truths that leave her torn between her desires and protecting herself from heartbreak again.

Gaining Ground the Full Throttle Series Book 2

As the story of Holt and Niki continues, the two are once again torn apart by secrets. And soon Niki will discover just what lies beneath the words Holt’s never spoken. As a result, the strength she didn’t know she had will be tested. Truths will be revealed. Hearts will be shattered. Lives will be threatened.

Chasing Delirium

When Anna Daniels decides to travel across the ocean to London, she has only one thing in mind: to finally meet the man who haunts her dreams and seems to know her more than she knows herself. Henry Daughtry.They have one night to live out every fantasy. Fulfill every desire. And then…they have sworn to walk away. But will she be able to keep up her end of the bargain after just one night with him? Or will she be left chasing the delirium of his memory?

fragments of chaos


The ramblings of a chaotic mind where love, loss and the darkness that bleeds between are unearthed. From whispers of eroticism to scorned lovers, Fragments of Chaos evokes raw passion and the agony of a broken heart.

delicate doses

a book of poems

delicate doses is a journey of love, of hope and of change in the most simplest of forms. the verses within these pages i hope prove that less can be more.

bones of the raven

a book of poems

bones of the raven is a compilation of poetry and prose that dives and soars into the crevices of a heart, where beneath layers of joy and heartbreak live, to the bones of its soul. just as the often misunderstood raven, the journey of life offers different paths upon its wings, sometimes along dark, less traveled roads, others reaching for the sun. the bones, they are keen to every sense, having lived through them all. in the end, their weight is the same.

chasing the moon

a book of photography and poems

a collection of poetry and photography that takes you on a journey sometimes in sensual waves, sometimes in reflective footsteps. the words, as they are splayed, find us all under the same moon.