Paranormal Experiences? Seeking Your Stories

Hi friends. Do you have any accounts of paranormal activity or experiences that science just hasn’t been able to explain? Want your story published? Read on. I have always been interested in the study of paranormal activity for as far back as I can remember. As a child I can remember sneaking down late atContinue reading “Paranormal Experiences? Seeking Your Stories”

Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots: The Hollow

Ferry Plantation House March 3, 2016 1:40am   This was my first introduction to paranormal investigation with a organized team of investigators. I was invited to come by my friend and at the time, team member Jason. Initially I was attending simply to observe and potentially write an article about the team and the intrigueContinue reading “Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots: The Hollow”

Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots

The following is an offering from my journal of paranormal experiences. I hope you enjoy and as always conversation and opinion is always welcome. J The Witching Hour…..June, 26, 2016   Most nights I find myself writing in the solitude of the darkness. A time when for me is most magicial. It is as ifContinue reading “Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots”

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