This image was taken while I was touring the aging and abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. I liken it “anniversary” imagining upon seeing this somber image splayed upon me is that of one returning to the final resting place of a loved one.

you found me

i liken this image “you found me”. It was taken at Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, Texas and took my breath away upon walking upon it. Touring a historical cathedral is profound in itself. Coming upon a visual such as this. Breathtaking and empowering.


I captured this image in Charlottesville, Virginia not long after the incidents that rocked our nation happened here. Upon walking the streets of the downtown area it was beautifully apparent that hope was very much prevalent by way of street art that the city encouraged youth to participate in. I liken this image “evolve” as when I came upon its view it spoke of change, of growth of life eternal.


climb with me

one step at a time

upon mossy walls that shan’t collide

with dreams this way find

this image was taken at the site of what remains of the Rosewell Plantation circa 1725. Capturing mother nature swallowing back what belongs to her has always been alluring to my lens. Finding the beauty and being tickled by the wind carrying remnants of life left behind inspires poetry.

purple haze

nestled on a blanket

flip flops tossed aside

kiddies about giggling

with ice cream smiles

the sky explodes

in hues of red

white and blue

my eyes though fixed

on the purple of my dress

dancing on you

sweet surrender

flowers and butterflies

…and other things that sate my soul

this image was taken in the summer of 2018 along the gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello. Within the gardens many different varieties of flowers native from different parts of the country thrive. Many, like this flower, the cockscomb, captivated my senses with its unique shape and equally unique name.

caught in a dream

I’m so fortunate to live near the ocean and often visit the beach. Along the beaches of Corolla in North Carolina the horses run free. Armed with a Jeep and a camera I was able to capture these beauties in their perfectly wild element.

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sunday views and walks with you

i liken this image sunday views and walks with you. Taken in a botanical garden, i love the way the afternoon shade dances off the petals of this perfectly blushed magnolia bloom.

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little tree along the sea

The Judeau Desert is a desert in Israel and the West Bank that lies east of Jerusalem and descends to the Dead Sea. This image I captured is atop Masada, an ancient fortification along the eastern edge of the Desert. With the Dead Sea lending a perfect backspace, this solemn tree stole the show for me.

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