Category: Poems


you gave me the key
to finding your every destructive ability

the waves i found upon that dark path
like a crashing flood of your own blood bath

with courage and my love for you
I pushed through it, knowing I needed to

for without embracing that history
your  actions would have remained a mystery

but when i let myself go there
I found my own darkness and despair

so I turned to you my friend, seeking the same end

how empty and betrayed I feel when you say
I can’t help you, find your own way



how easy it was to fall under his spell

with each encounter it only grows

where darkness shows me a light

forging my voice with every need,

spilling my darkest of desires

yet like a poison it finds me in silence

this seemingly distorted sense of reality

I’m left tripping on

piercing my veins


desperate to hold onto any sane moment

that remains amongst voices of doubt

and yet still all I can imagine,

all that filters my mind

is when his hands will seek me out again

my poison, my pleasure my pain

my every waking moment….