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a patchwork of a day

sewn from behind the glass

sometimes in solitude, sometimes flowing with life

sometimes in black and white, sometimes with hues amass

sorting through, zooming in zooming out

gaining perspectives of what is worthy and what need not be saved

from wrong angles pursued, or the distance gaining clout

to getting lost out of focus, an abstract of view

or too sharp of lines, unable to see beyond their course

she listens to each one with great care letting the vision, the art come through

flipping sometimes slowly sometimes anxious to see

the day in its glory, painted moments to have

deleting those unwanted, those that offer no pleasantry

I wrote this for this first day of #Napowrimo . I may participate every day or maybe not since I’m still having to work daily but I love the way it pushes the imagination and gives us something to look forward to and create every day.

Today’s assignment was to write a self-portrait poem on which you make a specific action a metaphor in your life. I chose the act of seeing the world through my camera, capturing images, relating it to the perspectives and choices we make in life.
















because trees shall always feed my imagination, much like cloud surfing, i find images and faces within them. as if their soul is coming out in slow doses to say hello. when i came upon this image it instantly called to my sensual side with its curves sloping and embracing one another. the words followed…

desire: a haiku

every desire

drifts in the age of the trees

where my secrets keep

When one loves trees as much as me, going to a tree arboretum is definitely like stepping into an enchanted kingdom. These images were captured at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia. The park is home to many exotic and native trees which quite frankly will take your breath away if you’re a tree hugger (literally) like me.

At the age of 44, I proved after leaving here that I could still climb a tree as their ancient branches called to my inner child. I will undoubtedly be returning to capture the changes in these majestic giants and this stunning park through the seasons. Thank you for visiting and if you’d like to see more of the images I captured at Maymont, please visit my Instagram here

el capitan

mountainous tops peaking

cresting above carpets of scarlet

drinking in the sun

where winds channel your dream

beyond babbling brooks

that hitched a ride between the clouds

where taunts of

el capitan

el capitan,

he’s waiting for you

drift upon an eagle’s wing

                      ….i sit,

among the junipers, those old souls

pretending for a while you are there

til i cry

til i remember why

it is here

here is where your ashes are meant to fly

                     ….i climb

among the junipers, they know your soul

already calling to you

already letting go

i whisper back

promise you won’t let me fall