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take me back to magnolias lounging

on wrought iron porches

                                                                    to oil lit lanterns and cobblestone streets

to handwritten love and dance cards

                        filled with but one name

Magnolias and wrought iron shall always take me to the cobblestone streets of Savannah in Georgia or the Garden District in New Orleans, two places I’ve visited that I instantly fell in love with. These images however came from neither but offer a perfect example at how an image or a smell can coax a memory to the surface. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here.


-just breathe-

haiku: fifth

beneath the fifth moon

of these jupiter petals

a galaxy waits



took this image during a recent exploration of the Yorktown battlefields. Interestingly enough, I smelled her before I saw her. There is something rewarding about searching for a heavenly scent and then finding its source. The poetic nature of it among the solemn battlefields made me smile. Nature always has a way of healing. For more of my flora photography you can visit my gallery here.


-just breathe-


forget-me-nots trail these steps

following me to this place

this place where your words

forever set me free



captured this image while photographing an abandoned building in the outskirts of a booming city. its home now among the weeds and beautiful wildflowers such as these. when i happened upon these precious cuties seemingly following my footsteps, the words came. Thank you for visiting and for more of my flora photography you can visit my gallery here.


-just breathe-

queen of the shades

minnows wading beneath

the dance of the trees

lending a choir to the air as earthen creatures stir

but to catch a glimpse of she

their maiden of the shade, their spring breathing persephone


a narcissus sips from a nymph filled river bed

unable to resist the breath of its perfume,

she bows as its smile upon her spread


one selfish delight, she thought, to adorn her hair

reaching for its heavenly invitation, clutching its core,

but the earth it trembled, a prelude to a darkening lair


a stallion then arose, with rider crowned in shade

his moon-fed eyes reaching for her own

spilling of promise to immortal blooms

of a forest braided, never to fade


longing for the wonder, unafraid of what the gods would cast down

she took his hand, this god of the underworld

and became his queen, in shaded crown


in their descent, winter took hold

til this maiden, now queen of the shades returned in season anew

giving her breath to the forest turning it back to its gold

Emancipator/Natural Cause


-just breathe-

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these bricks
















There is something about the brush strokes of Mother Nature against man. She always outshines even the most talented and skilled of our artisans. In the stillness of what once was is when she proclaims her victory the most.

I captured these images in an abandoned town that was deserted in southern rural Virginia in the 1940’s. For more of my images from this town you can visit my gallery here.

But Really

sharon unfiltered

Photo credit: Jenny Hayut

A dear friend sent me the above photo knowing I love nature and all that is uplifting. The seemingly brave little ladybird inspired me immediately.


Despite my bravado
My no filters systems go
Keen love for darkness

A gore whore horror slut
With Google searches
You wouldn’t believe

But really

I miss hugs
From warm arms
I miss shared cake
Then stone-cold coffee
Sharing “don’t tells”
Listening with intrigue
Walks in the park
Feeding pigeons on my arm

Yet really

A bold lost ladybird
Screaming to fly away
Escape from the fires
Of fields scorched black
Peach roses beckon me
Petals embrace…
I’m safe

~ Medieval English rhyme

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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maiden of the shades

canopies of moss

coat the heirlooms of blooms

as knowing petals, much wiser than she

wander upon the forest of green

unhurried steps kiss the soil

as earthen creatures awaken

to follow her through the seeds of time

she sips the wind, a wise friend to the shade

for the lust of the sun is but a myth here

a singsong to her soul, she bows to the call

as narcissus blades and violas dance upon the rivers edge

burying her head into springtime’s perfume

the minnows peek and birds rest their wings

to catch a glimpse of she,

their persephone

Emancipator/Natural Cause


-just breathe-


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