tiny nooks

tiny nooks with you

reading to me softly

doing that thing you do

transporting us to a place

where nothing much matters

beyond chocolate covered scapes

and eyes that pry

we swim with the moon

in our makeshift starlit sky

~coffee syrup kisses~

take me back to 

ice cream cones 

in bistro chairs 

where our 

happily ever after 

began its love affair 

where a northern wind 

in its subtle state

whisked away fears

drying silent tears

that day when  

nothing or no one 

could quite capture 

our very visible rapture 

as coffee syrup kisses grew wings 

climbing to meet the raven 

our solitude, our haven 


let us take holiday on the moon 

whilst the sun serenades eyes heavy 

floating to a magician’s tune 

won’t you build me a swing 

slowly sing to me 

that song you like to sing 

for then we shall fly 

collecting constellations 

barefoot in a night sky 

whisper sweetly like you do 

as the stars giggle 

when my cheeks change hue 

let us take holiday on the moon 

with no thoughts 

of ever returning soon 

costumes and masquerades

Sir Frederic’s symphony lent the stage

to the dance of lovers past 

ghosts they were in a quadrille

for the scroll began its journey

finding the language within the vein



a heart familiar 

of lifetimes lost 

and regained 

with each turn of this masquerade

the other knew 

no matter the venitian shade 

a language scripted from long ago 

etched there for familiar fingers to find 

upon flesh divine 

to reread over and over again 

as Sir Fredric’s symphony was set to rewind 

~the path most traveled~

that trip you find

as you close your eyes,

the one that needs not a map

nor latest trendy technology,

but simply a heart that adores

the one where the path naturally soars

beyond rocky crags and tree-lines

to the river that flows below

that place where a heart

simply knows its glow

hints of laughter filled clouds

floating between chocolate kisses

to bygone gestures

in a gentleman’s chivalry

to cordial wishes

given in exclusively

that trip you find

as you close your eyes

the one where courage

sinks below the whys

for spaces silent know the way

of two lovers traveled

never cognizant or of ability to betray

~the bridge~

steps faltered 

among heights not soared 

until fingertips offered a better view 

and you, my love chanced it 

as I’d hoped all along you’d do 

hand in hand our pace slow 

along this bridge tall and wide 

where waterfalls skirted locks 

that held our every tide

fears not subsided 

yet didn’t own that line

as you walked across with me 

my hand holding on tightly 

to this love of mine 

tiny gestures you give

tokens of every part

priceless wonders yeah

but every one stealing

this ever bleeding heart


even in repose his mind somersaults 

to every word she speaks

every moment transfixed 

in the quiet of his hold 

with quill he navigates 

to the secret garden they own 

beneath a midnight moon 

each psalm she once spoke 

becomes breaths stolen 

parading along paths 

fingertips to fingertips 

where she once walked alone 



the resonance that vibrates 

beyond fields unplowed 

she aches for it 

forever needing more 

the shades of him 

those that echo brazenly 

through the enchantment 

of his roar 

sometimes with zealous thunder 

standing proud

others aloof 

a whisper in the crowd 

sometimes timid 

a cry in the night 

then others contemplating 

a reason not to fight 

the one that grows loudest 

the one that keeps her near 

is the growl that begins slowly 

finding its home within her ear 

resonating it’s desire, it’s intent 

it’s every need 

she answers with stillness 

forever giving him the lead 

that ghostly roar 

the reminder he is there 

through the night, through the day 

those many shades of him 

she need not beckon to stay 

for he is home

they both know it to be true 

the truth there behind his eyes 

matching her own hunger 

within each and every hue 

her lover, her guide 

the lion of her blush 

drinking every bit of him 

with no intentions to rush 

giving her soul 

for he keeps it within 

between those roars 

where her heart became whole 

once again 


beneath this tree I look to thee 

high above you’ve perched your soul 

its nearness I no longer feel it’s flow 

for i sense you have seen 

that my heart has found a kindred beat

beyond the one you left bleeding 

my hand he took with gentle persuasion 

knowing somehow before me I’d take it 

perhaps you went to him in a dream 

and whispered your worry of me 

guiding him to this place where we seem now to be 

my heart again is full my love 

he is the umbrella you left behind 

I feel you thought, you knew I’d find 

he spreads his love like marmalade 

you’d laugh no doubt at his quirky ways 

his voice and choice of words 

he’s so different yet so very much the same 

he fills this void I came again to have 

when you rode the wave 

that healed your pain 

yet gave me mine 

between fingertips he ignites this woman 

that I’ve become 

in part from you 

in part what was always there 

that I had not the courage to see 

like looking in the mirror 

seeing now not one, not two but now three of me 

he chooses every one to love as I of he 

for he’s not perfect just as we 

he knows these channels 

where weeds seem always to threaten

the manicured path we strive to walk 

I see in him this will to procure 

every bit of heaven that chance deems us have 

and have we shall one fine day 

as you sit upon that tree 

smiling down on me 


you didn’t make this me 

it was hiding beneath 

wandering, drowning 

in my own self made ocean 

swimming dipping 

some days floating along this unknown current 

that I let take me 

content with the not knowing 

of what should be 

losing faith 

after hope fell between 

fingertips to ashes 

whispering now to trees 

some days as if mocking a memory 

yet this one fine day 

when a rebellious current came 

the herons flew 

in perfect symmetry 

as this something shifted beneath me 

swirling ever slowly 

until I found myself 

turned to you 

a something new 

but no not really 

it seemed you’d just taken a breath 

and found another way 

to call to my heart 

your words

like a chorus of rain 

within the enchanted forest 

I’ve now come to find my way to  

along the riverbed 

where my heart rewinds 

set to play 

as new chapters bear our names 

through your quill I find 

my new current….