Tease Me Tuesday


This one is a little different than what I normally post but for those of you that have read Chasing Delirium you’ll know I’m not shy about such taboo subject matter as blood play so this beauty stakes it claim in this week’s tease. I do love a good slicing…


Tease Me Tuesday


I look at this and easily think…see kids we never grow up…I often flock to boudoir and black and white erotica photography and this one just grabbed me. Eroticism has moments of laughter and this is a simple reminder of all the emotions at play…with play.



Tease Me Tuesday: The Dance a poem


a proper little slut she became

easily stripping her morality

as his poison dripped from her lips

a euphoric dance his eyes took her

promising to feed her every craving

that until that moment

had barely sustained

hope, hiding in the dark