bewitching happenstance: a poem

She knew all along it was there dormant yet waiting to kiss the wanton air to dance out of the darkness to own the light to taste every demon and soar in its delight one day twas happenstance he came along singing to her soul a bewitching song that linked to every emotion she’d hidContinue reading “bewitching happenstance: a poem”

Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots

The following is an offering from my journal of paranormal experiences. I hope you enjoy and as always conversation and opinion is always welcome. J The Witching Hour…..June, 26, 2016   Most nights I find myself writing in the solitude of the darkness. A time when for me is most magicial. It is as ifContinue reading “Cameras, Coffee and Cold Spots”

Poe Places: An historical East Coast journey in the footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe: Baltimore

It’s taken me over three years thus far to travel up and down the East Coast in search of the places entwined with the history of poet and writer, Edgar Allan Poe. His works have been such an inspiration to my own pen muse and he birthed my love of poetry. And since I’m OCDContinue reading “Poe Places: An historical East Coast journey in the footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe: Baltimore”

just a rant

It is sometimes, no scratch that, most times hard for me to come to terms with the sincerity of a cold mind. The inability to have a conscious that has the power to strike you at any given time into a vulnerable coma. I’ll never understand the capability of one such soul perhaps because ofContinue reading “just a rant”

A Night at St. Albans Sanatorium

Always it seems with me. I never do things in baby steps. I just go right in hard-core, full throttle. Hence why I’m no longer allowed to drive a V8….Grrrr…So when I let a friend beguile me to a certain group of ghost hunters and I meet said ghost hunters and they instantly feel likeContinue reading “A Night at St. Albans Sanatorium”

A picture is worth a thousand thoughts…

I do love when I stumble upon an image that stops me in my tracks. An image that is fueled with so many different emotions where the words just start screaming at me to come out. Below is one just image that will stick with me for a while followed by the words it evoked.Continue reading “A picture is worth a thousand thoughts…”

my black sun: a poem

my black sun how I swoon as your shadows embrace me becoming this phantom veil obscuring the world to this beast that hides within and your touch, your touch like a tornado meeting a hurricane the two caught in a trance both unsure of relinquishing power to the other to begin the decent into theContinue reading “my black sun: a poem”

Washington DC, A Poe sighting, a historic funerary sculpture…

So on my pursuit to retrace the steps of Edgar Allan Poe because well I can, I stumbled upon something of epic coolness. Rock Creek Cemetery. In the heart of Washington DC, Rock Creek Cemetery is the home to my reason for a visit, the final resting place of Rosalie Poe, sister to Edgar AllanContinue reading “Washington DC, A Poe sighting, a historic funerary sculpture…”

A night at the Plantation…Round II

  Another Friday night has found me at the historically rich home of the Ferry Plantation House investigating with Coastal Virginia Paranormal. Except tonight was a little special. Tonight I was asked to officially join the group and I am estatic!  I knew I fit in with these guys right away upon meeting them lastContinue reading “A night at the Plantation…Round II”

Witches, cats, trees oh my…Ghost hunting with Coastal Virginia Paranormal

Witches, cats, trees on my… So it would seem as I sit here writing this Ms. Scaredy Cat survived her exciting night of adventure with the Coastal Virginia Paranormal group. I gotta tell ya, I really didn’t know what to expect and I truly was a little apprehensive even though I talked good game leadingContinue reading “Witches, cats, trees oh my…Ghost hunting with Coastal Virginia Paranormal”

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