Featured Work

An Arts & Literary Magazine

Featured in Quarantine Tales, a series exploring life, art, and creation during uncertain times.

Featured photography: “The Kiss” and “Social Distancing”

Volume 3, Issue 2 Monster Summer

Featured Photography: “Bed Time Stories”

Auroras & Blossoms

Creative Literary Journal

promoting positive, uplifting and inspirational poetry and art

Featured Poetry: “Come” and “In Bloom”

Suffolk Living Magazine

Featured Photographer

Tiny Seed Literary Journal

an online nature-focused journal publishing short fiction, poetry, art, and photography by emerging writers & artists

Featured in: Pollinator Project

Featured Photography: The Heights I Go

London Photo Festival

Finalist in the London Photo Festival competition for my photograph, “Chasing Waves”

Fusion Art Exhibition

Honorable Mention in the Waterscapes Exhibition for my photograph “Restless”

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