i know not the lengths of this journey as time now ticks ghostly so, unbeknownst to me, it coils it’s precious and vile tocks within the ruptures of my brokenness my tumultuous cries rise as i dance in this mirage of a storm watch me glare into nothing as the ticks and the tocksContinue reading “hereafter”

Washington DC, A Poe sighting, a historic funerary sculpture…

So on my pursuit to retrace the steps of Edgar Allan Poe because well I can, I stumbled upon something of epic coolness. Rock Creek Cemetery. In the heart of Washington DC, Rock Creek Cemetery is the home to my reason for a visit, the final resting place of Rosalie Poe, sister to Edgar AllanContinue reading “Washington DC, A Poe sighting, a historic funerary sculpture…”

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