some days i am pretty where my wild things seem to bloom other days i chance the mirror to find dead sea eyes staring back at me some days i am a ghost letting the world take hold and strangle me other days i am a wolf, howling loudly with every bit of surety someContinue reading “pneuma”


deep in my earth your words survive there beneath the ageless, the night, the moon’s silken eyes deep in my earth your words quietly stroke a palace of blues, of grays, of an artist reborn as a lover awoke


  in daily baths of melancholy with no grand speed ascending from caverns carved by nature’s creed through muddy morsels a fairy born a blushing pixie to the moon a darkened path, unlikely guide slow steps from its cocoon unfurling petals as moon gods sing the song of its mythical fate to reach beyond thoseContinue reading “lotus”

queen of the shades

minnows wading beneath the dance of the trees lending a choir to the air as earthen creatures stir but to catch a glimpse of she their maiden of the shade, their spring breathing persephone a narcissus sips from a nymph filled river bed unable to resist the breath of its perfume, she bows as itsContinue reading “queen of the shades”

lilacs and wine

fear my foe, in every opportunity to wane the wine of me to pluck the lilacs i breathe to drink this every possibility that soaks my flesh in feathery fear my foe, that triesthat lies to ground this me to clip my wings this me that need not close her eyes to hear the riverContinue reading “lilacs and wine”


  with perched lips and a wish from below she closed her eyes she let her dreams flow through flora they wandered barefoot travelers, dipping swaying chasing the wind upon rocky crags they stood as horizons refused to bend   My Sunset-Feint     i captured this image in my backyard where i’m quite guiltyContinue reading “travelers”