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captured these images by way of one of my signature moves…driving down a random wooded area and spotting a meadow dancing of wildflowers, followed by coming to a complete stop and finding the nearest exit in the safest fashion (…) yellow happens to be my favorite and shall make my heart soar even more when i unexpectedly come across such a view. for more of my flora images you can visit my instagram here


-just breathe-


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lay with me once more

close your eyes

let me be the angel that silences your demons

the scent that breaks your core

the kiss that stings of memories

to what we were before

Secret Garden-Killigrew

captured this image at Miyazaki Japanese Garden just as spring was unfurling during these days where fear and anxiety are soaring high among us. may we all find serenity in those things that live among us which silently lend a reminder of resilience and growth. thank you for visiting and if you’d like to see more of my photography you can do so here.

-just breathe-

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a sea of pink jewels parade my hair

wind whistling

dancing, entrancing

to the symphony of jasmine notes

floating, drifting in the air


capturing lyrics to a heart song

quiet chords brushing my lips

revealing, no longer concealing

as breath remembers

the bridge to its ever long



The Queen of All Everything-Ott


this image i captured on a summer trip to Texas. whenever i travel it’s always cemeteries and parks that i gravitate to. this image i came across at Brackenridge Park in San Antonio. its the remnants of spring left behind on an aged bridge with its peeling paint and wrought iron that lended its beauty to my eye. as always the words came. the following song selection i feel offers that same serene flow of finding one’s everlong. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

you can find more images of this bridge and Brackenridge Park as well as other images I captured from San Antonio here