as rains grew greater, the night, freckled moonstones of desire became drunk upon the crackling blush laid bare upon its hearth sun-kissed cheeks answered to the fervent flames whilst shadows disowned patience to dance the stories of their day -image taken by me of Queen Anne’s lace that continues to adorn trails and roadsides here.Continue reading “hearth”


the sun drops beneath the day as twilight emerges from your touch a quiet awakening of dreams our moon holds -just breathe-

wildly so-photography

my heart it bleeds, wildly so I captured these images during this season i like to call the awakening, I take every opportunity to find new trails and beloved known ones to find my own sense of renewal. Nature shall always mimic life as with every new journey, a new bloom unfurls. Thank you forContinue reading “wildly so-photography”


daylight slowly sips the shadows and sparks her carefree blooms this little precious captured my eye on a recent hike and I loved the way it refused to conform to “proper growing standards”. I liken it to being in love with both the sun and the moon in its sideways stature. For more of myContinue reading “carefree”


take me back to magnolias lounging on wrought iron porches                                                                     to oil lit lanterns and cobblestone streets to handwritten love and dance cards                         filled with but one name Magnolias and wrought iron shall always take me to the cobblestone streets of Savannah in Georgia or the Garden District in New Orleans, two placesContinue reading “yesteryear”


forget-me-nots trail these steps following me to this place this place where your words forever set me free     captured this image while photographing an abandoned building in the outskirts of a booming city. its home now among the weeds and beautiful wildflowers such as these. when i happened upon these precious cuties seeminglyContinue reading “forget-me-nots”

these bricks

and when the hardness of life settled, the sun snuck in and carved its journey There is something about the brush strokes of Mother Nature against man. She always outshines even the most talented and skilled of our artisans. In the stillness of what once was is when she proclaims her victory the most. IContinue reading “these bricks”

abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography

Often my photography for “dead” things is misinterpreted as morbid. When I get such a reaction I think to myself how can they not see how beautiful this is?! For me, an abandoned home in its silence is offering you a glimpse of two things. The beauty that can and still resides in “things” leftContinue reading “abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography”

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