Haunted Littleton

Just south of me in the state of North Carolina rests the town of Littleton. Located in Halifax County and once known as Little People Town, it historically has a population just under one thousand. Well that is, living. This quaint little southern has become known more so as “Haunted Littleton” as many places withinContinue reading “Haunted Littleton”

A Night at St. Albans Sanatorium

Always it seems with me. I never do things in baby steps. I just go right in hard-core, full throttle. Hence why I’m no longer allowed to drive a V8….Grrrr…So when I let a friend beguile me to a certain group of ghost hunters and I meet said ghost hunters and they instantly feel likeContinue reading “A Night at St. Albans Sanatorium”

A night at the Plantation…Round II

  Another Friday night has found me at the historically rich home of the Ferry Plantation House investigating with Coastal Virginia Paranormal. Except tonight was a little special. Tonight I was asked to officially join the group and I am estatic!  I knew I fit in with these guys right away upon meeting them lastContinue reading “A night at the Plantation…Round II”

Witches, cats, trees oh my…Ghost hunting with Coastal Virginia Paranormal

Witches, cats, trees on my… So it would seem as I sit here writing this Ms. Scaredy Cat survived her exciting night of adventure with the Coastal Virginia Paranormal group. I gotta tell ya, I really didn’t know what to expect and I truly was a little apprehensive even though I talked good game leadingContinue reading “Witches, cats, trees oh my…Ghost hunting with Coastal Virginia Paranormal”

Date Night with Ghosts

So, I have this friend. Great guy. Even has a cool nickname. Rocki. Totally gonna use that name in a book one day. Except it’ll likely be a kickass female MMA fighter or a drag racer. So Rocki, much like me has always had an interest in the paranormal. Well he took it to theContinue reading “Date Night with Ghosts”

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