winter gown

she dreams of serengeti in the folds of her winter gown where kings and queens cross winds in fertile bliss parading in raffia robes and organic crown she nests in the blue of its iris as amber breath climbs the limbs of every tree, her eyes rest upon the naked scars of the acacia toContinue reading “winter gown”

nesting herons

So this summer thus far has found me in the midst of home repairs and remodeling which has kept me away from weekend journeys with my camera. Imagine my surprise and humbling luck when I discovered a heron nest in my own backyard! My best guess, based on what I’ve seen of them, is thatContinue reading “nesting herons”

hollow: a haiku

hollow paths glitter beyond a yellow brick road unadorned jewels wait I remember this day when I happened upon this view very vividly for two reasons. One, it was the first time my son stood beside me with his own camera after finding his own interest in photography. Two, it was the first time IContinue reading “hollow: a haiku”


in the perfume of dawn i sprawl in naked wander in the wake of he for his touch sheds my worry as leaves floating from the fall tree his kiss returns the waterfall that bathes the season in me and i, in budding refrain, need but whisper please, please before you leave won’t you grazeContinue reading “afterglow”


lost in the depths of your lilac blue, i curl round the stilled river of you unfurling my buttons from a winter wed beneath woodlace and hawthorne where my heart has fled across the meadow, beyond the thistle and dawn’s rise i am the narcissus in wait a paled for too long desire that growsContinue reading “wake”


the lord of her dawnin the throes of fire, claimsa waltz in the figments of a hundred shadesthat slip between them as invisible rain as the ash settles in silky psalm and drops to earth redrawnthey close their eyes to the thin placesand find their lost love song Driving home with my Mom, during thatContinue reading “waltz”


some days i am pretty where my wild things seem to bloom other days i chance the mirror to find dead sea eyes staring back at me some days i am a ghost letting the world take hold and strangle me other days i am a wolf, howling loudly with every bit of surety someContinue reading “pneuma”


at horizon’s last dancei clench the sunwith unfettered wingsin waning stanceno great rush to touch the voidtoo much ado adjoining burnswith such a choice subject to learneach yearn shall find its voice in turnin ethereal paradecluttering the skythe dreams and fearsof pilgrimages forlorn collidewhispers of elpis ride the nightbetwixt petals and diamondsas a coronation ofContinue reading “fuse”

blue wind

weave me between the weeds of your sealapping slowly in the shallows of clover skinned pleaslet us babble in the salty brinegetting lost in the dawnfind our freedom amid the salamandersget drunk on the blue windand find our way home


take my handfollow the narcissus pleato run wild in unkept foreststo stilled breath in gardensbeneath the trees take my handin the union of water and earthwhere lyrics that burn withinspeak to giants, and wander into your dreams

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