the dawn,

as wild as her carnival heart

prisms of red and pink

scorch the silent sea

as restless beats answer

to another day….

Arsonist’s Lullaby-Hozier

I captured this image during a morning hike in the Great Dismal Swamp, which by name alone, lends thoughts of dreariness and darkness and maybe even death. This view, as I came upon it, I liken “fairy steps” as they’ve left a little of their magic behind there can’t you see it? Transforming this thought dreary land into an enchanted garden full of life. A beautiful start to my day this was and I’m honored to be able to share it with you.

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in ripples,

these veins






I captured this image on a hike, captivated by its resemblance to that of veins, reaching out, as if spellbound by the call of the sea.

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in daily baths of melancholy

with no grand speed ascending

from caverns carved by nature’s creed

til waters part, unbending


as moon gods sprinkle unlikely dreams

to thought shallow graves below

where sun’s finest pupils hath not been

nor shall ever truly know


through muddy morsels a fairy born

a blushing pixie to the moon

a darkened path, unlikely guide

slow steps from its cocoon


unfurling petals as moon gods sing

the song of its mythical fate

to reach beyond those shallow graves

to cloudscapes in patient wait

Journey’s End -Blackmill

During a visit to a botanical garden in North Carolina, I captured this image upon realizing that I had never seen a lotus flower in its habitat. I was mesmerized by this pond brimming with them and found myself after thirty minutes or so feet planted in the same position, daydreaming. These delicate beauties are born with magic and it floats to the surface with them. The aura of tranquility they emit for those that take the time to truly see their beauty and the resilience of their survival, simply put, is breathtaking.

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wildflowers in frenzy


in her forest

of mossy groves

as winds howl

and honey kisses flow

into she,

perched there


within her hollow


We Are All Astronauts-Ether


as a child i was always drawn to tree hollows. as an adult not much has changed. when i stumble upon one on a hike, naturally i climb in. such was the case with this image i captured on a trail just as the sun spread its wings.


i never liked roller coasters

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

with no harness to my soul

roaring through the fog

screams come in weightless free-fall

and then as if in a trance

the rush of the climb finds gravity

with eyes closed

i search for my rooted resilience

that ever growing twig

hiding among wildflower fields

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

where echoes of times past try to embrace me

to when a jolly soul with his cookie breath

or that midnight tooth sleuth

birthed a hope

floating along a river calm

where faith was a silent friend

when rose colored glasses were but a pretty trinket

no fear of a wolf in the shadows waiting to be fed

where instead piles of leaves giggled back at me

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

where red velvet curtains sway

hiding the weird mangled bits

where a coin and twisted curiosity

will give you a different view

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

where thoughts stick

like cotton candy glue

riding that sugar wave

an addictive rush

until its dead end

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

where flowers thought pretty

spray of stale laughter

hiding behind painted smiles

…yet here i am

in this traveling carnival show

where buckets drip of dreams

from ferris wheels in a balloon filled sky

around they go

until rust takes hold

and slows the parade

…yet still

here i am

in this traveling carnival show


feeding these falls

all the while hidden

within the folds of my screams

lingers still a hope

resting upon my breast

blisters now

from my every burn

but even pained it still tries to drive

my every haphazard course

upon this track

where my inconvenient heart resides

in its traveling carnival show